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Picking out the Best Fleshlights

A Fleshlight is a fun, inexpensive, and intense experience. It saves you the cost of having a girlfriend. A fleshlight doesn't need food. And finally, a Fleshlight doesn't need attention. Thanks to our friends at friendlyhostility, we know what the top fleshlights are.

How do you choose which Fleshlight to buy?

Simple, go with the most intense options. I see many guys buying the stamina training unit or opting for a "lower intensity option." This is a mistake. You're buying a sex toy to orgasm and enjoy yourself. Without further ado, here is my list of the top 5 best fleshlights.

Besides merely buying the most powerful option, you also want to consider your wallet. I know, I know. The fleshlight launch is easy a world-class experience. It's like getting rode cowgirl every night by a tight little 20-year-old. Cost, this is a huge consideration when buying a fleshlight.

Do you have a fancy towards any of the Fleshlight Girls? If you don't know, the Fleshlight Girls are porn actresses and celebrity pornstars who have had their vaginas modeled after. If you like a particular actress such as Stoya, Christy Mack, or one of the many others you can consider getting their toy.

3. Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch gives an incredible experience and ride. There are only two problems with the Launch. Firstly, It's expensive. The Fleshlight Launch alone is going to cost you over $100. Secondly, it doesn't include an actual fleshlight sleeve. So you're going to need to shell out another $60 for the sleeve aswell. After all is said and done, the tax man is paid, and the mail carrier gets his cut, you're going to be out around $200. Not great but not bad for such an amazing sex toy.

2. Christy Macks Fleshlight

The Christy Mack Fleshlight looks exactly like her real vagina. It is magnificent to look at and feels even better. Consider this when making your purchase.

1. Stoya Destroya

The one, the only, the Stoya Destroya. The Stoya Destroya is an older model, one of the very first Fleshlight Girls. A go-to for mindblowing orgasms. The sleeve is chalk full of pleasures and surprises that would make any man go wild. Even the real thing feels weak in comparison.

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