Private npm registry and web for Company

So cnpm is meaning: Company npm.


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Version Badge

Default style is flat-square.

Badge URL:


use our npm client cnpm(More suitable with and gzip support), you can get our client through npm:

$ npm install -g cnpm --registry=

Or you can alias NPM to use it:

alias cnpm="npm --registry= \
--cache=$HOME/.npm/.cache/cnpm \
--disturl= \

#Or alias it in .bashrc or .zshrc
$ echo '\n#alias for cnpm\nalias cnpm="npm --registry= \
  --cache=$HOME/.npm/.cache/cnpm \
  --disturl= \
  --userconfig=$HOME/.cnpmrc"' >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc


Install package from When installing a package or version does not exist, it will try to install from the official registry(, and sync this package to cnpm in the backend.

$ cnpm install [name]


Only cnpm cli has this command. Meaning sync package from source npm.

$ cnpm sync connect

sync package on web: sync/connect

$ open

publish / unpublish

Only admin user can publish / unpublish package to private registry.

$ cnpm publish [name]
$ cnpm unpublish [name]

Other commands

Support all the other npm commands. e.g.:

$ cnpm info cnpm

TODO list

@see Github Issues


Release History.

npm and cnpm relation



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